Connect the device to the USB / type-c socket of the original car through the data cable. The device’s running light turns on and enters the blue breathing state to indicate successful startup. When the original car display enters the device interface, it indicates that the connection with the original car is successful.
Note: The USB interface of the original car is generally located in the front storage compartment or in the armrest box.

Open the hotspot of the mobile phone or other network devices that can be shared, click the [Control-WLAN] on the central control screen to enter the network list interface, select the network and enter the password
Note: The non-touch central control screen needs to change the hotspot password of the mobile phone or other shareable network device to 12345678. Enter the network list interface through the original car touchpad or knob, select the hotspot connection

Find and open the [Bluetooth phone] in the AI box system interface to enter the Bluetooth connection page. Please find the corresponding device name in the Bluetooth settings of the phone to select and connect. After the connection is successful, you can use the function of making / receiving calls 。

Open [PhoneCast] in the system interface to enter the tutorial page. Please keep the device and mobile phone in the same network environment.
IPhone: Open the [Control Center] on the phone, click [Screen Mirrorr], find and click the name of the device to cast the screen, and the screen will be successfully screened. Android phones: Please search for happycast in the app store and download the app, connect the phone to the same Wi-Fi as the current device, open the app and start casting

Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the device, and then open the [U disk] function in the device system interface, click to enter to view the audio and video files in the U disk (supported formats: music support WAV, AAC, WMA, AMR, MP3, FLAC format; video temporarily supports MP4, AVI format), click to play.

Find the USB device management function in the original car system menu (or display as ‘Apple CarPlay’ / ‘mobile phone interconnection’), you can enter the device system interface

On the homepage of the device, click the Home button, and it will prompt ‘Whether to return to the original car system’, click [<span ‘=””>OK] to switch back to the original car system interface.
Find the return to the original car icon in the device interface, click to switch back to the original car system interface.

You can upgrade through the U disk, copy the upgraded version to the U disk, then insert the U disk into the USB interface of the device, and the upgrade will be automatically detected

The upgrade uses a silent upgrade method. No screen will be displayed during the upgrade process. The upgrade will take 3 to 5 minutes. When you click to upgrade immediately, please do not unplug the device or turn off the vehicle to avoid damage. The upgrade will be successful. After that, it will automatically enter the AI box interface, indicating that the upgrade has been completed.

Please try not to interrupt the upgrade during the upgrade process. If the incorrect operation causes the upgrade to be unsuccessful and cannot enter the equipment system normally, please contact the dealer.

When you use voice after connecting to the network for the first time, you will be prompted to update. This is because Google detects that there is a new version of voice after the Internet connection. Please feel free to upgrade and feel the latest voice experience.