Watch TV on your Mitsubishi, watch videos on the backseat screens of the vehicle and ease your maneuvers with a rear-facing camera.

All this with the new FT-MIT-1SEG kit for your Mitsubishi.

Why Faaftech?

The key word is reliability, is to have the security of having a product with components developed especially for the automotive (Automotive Grade) market and produced in a process with Quality Management System Certificate IS0 9001.


  • With TV Receiver FT-TV-1SEG II With Plug & Play connection
  • Rear screen output
  • Rear Camera Input
  • TV commands and touch screen commands
  • Reduced dimensions
  • VHF reception frequency 473.143 ~ 803.143 MHz
  • ISDB-T TV Standard (Brazil) 1-Mon
  • NTSC / PAL-M video output
  • Power supply 9V-13.8V DC
  • Operating Temperature -30 - 75 C

Comfort and Safety in Your Vehicle!

Compatible cars

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  • Wherever there is a need, Faaftech will seek intelligent solutions for your comfort and safety!

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