360° Vision Parking Assistance System

Try to have full view of your car with the new FT-Birdview 360°. Four cameras around the car generate a unique virtual view of all the surroundings of the car. This means much more safety when maneuvering, parking and driving. Know more!

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The new FT-RC-AUD4 camera interface enables front and rear view camera inputs that can be accessed at any time, plus an AV input that can be used to add TV, DVD, or mirror your smartphone’s display. This means more practicality and safety in all your maneuvers, as well as entertainment for your family and your

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A Faaftech Exclusivity for Novo Polo and Virtus

The FT-VF-VW3 interface opens up possibilities for adding new media such as TV HD, DVD and Smartphone Mirroring for the new Polo and Virtus 2018. Click here to learn more!

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Camera interface for BMW with AV input!

With the FT-RC-BM12 camera interface you can add a rear and front view camera to your BMW, providing a considerable increase in parking safety. With dynamic parking lines that assist you in maneuvering. You can also add an accessory through the AV input (HD TV, DVD, Smartphone Mirroring). All this without losing the vehicle warranty!

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Leave your Cruze, S10 and Trailblazer complete!

Watch TV in high definition, mirror your smartphone screen, watch your DVD videos and ease your maneuvers with the FT-LVDS-GM Video Interface. Product with Plug and Play installation that keeps the originality of the vehicle intact. Compatible with all FAAFTECH products. Click here to learn more!

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Your vision beyond reach!

The unique line of FT-RC camera interfaces enables front and rear view camera inputs that can be accessed at any time. Initially with 3 interfaces: FT-RC-AUD3, FT-RC-AUD10 and FT-RC-MB15. Ensuring practicality and safety in their maneuvers.

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Switch the radio, but do not miss out!

Keeping the original buzzer when changing the car radio is very easy. Simply plug the FT-BUZZER into a Faaftech steering wheel interface. Click here to learn more

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