Accessory FT-GPS


Asking for information and finding your destination on time is not so easy and safe as well.
With FT-GPS the practicality and safety is guaranteed.
The compact and modern GPS that will aid in your travels, making you more secure and prepared for any appointment!

It has never been so easy to find your destiny!

Why Faaftech?

The key word is reliability, is to have the security of having a product with components developed especially for the automotive (Automotive Grade) market and produced in a process with Quality Management System Certificate IS0 9001.


  • Touch Commands *
  • RGB video output 480x234
  • RCA video output
  • External speaker
  • Easy setup
  • Digital communication with Faaftech interfaces

With FT-GPS the practicality and safety is guaranteed!

Application Note

  • * Screen touch commands depend on Touch Screen film and / or interface already existing or acquired separately.

Specialized Support