Video Interface FT-VF-GM6


  • Enables 2 AV inputs
  • Enables front camera input
  • FM audio integration via cable
  • TV controls on the steering wheel
  • Auxiliary 12V ACC and camera outputs
  • Plug and Play Connections - Keep vehicle originality intact
  • Update via USB - Allows remote product update


  • Camera icons will be visible at the AV inputs

Compatible cars

Brand: Chevrolet

Cruze LT 2020 até 2021 LT Version MYLINK 3 COM TELA DE 7"


The key word is reliability, it means having the security of having a product with components developed especially for the automotive market (Automotive Grade) and produced in a process with an IS0 9001 Certified Quality Management system.

USB update

Plug and Play

Specialized Support

100% Brazilian


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