Video Interface FT-VF-LR15


  • Enables 3 AV inputs
  • Enable rear camera input
  • AV output for rear screens¹
  • TV and DVD controls on the steering wheel and touch screen
  • 12 Volt ACC and Camera Auxiliary Outputs
  • GPS on original screen touch²
  • Plug and Play Connections - Keeps the originality of the vehicle intact
  • Update via USB - Allows remote product update


  • ¹ AV output has two installed interfaces in the interface
  • ² Necessary to acquire the GPS module FT-GPS

Compatible cars

Brand: Jaguar

XE 2016 No CD/DVD Player -

Brand: Land Rover

Discovery Sport 2015 até 2016 No CD/DVD Player -
RR Evoque 2016 No CD/DVD Player -

Comfort and safety in your vehicle!

Why Faaftech?

The key word is reliability, is to have the security of having a product with components developed especially for the automotive (Automotive Grade) market and produced in a process with Quality Management System Certificate IS0 9001.

Plug and Play

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